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What is Rick Simpson Oil or RSO?

Are you interested in treating cancer with the help of medical marijuana? Well, then you must have heard about a type of cannabis called Rick Simpson Oil, RSO oil for short. It can be said that Rick Simpson Oil is a concentrated version of cannabis oil that can be used for treating cancer and many other health conditions.

Many of you, who might be reading this article, might be wondering what this oil is all about. While going through various health and medical journals, you might have come across CBD oil or better known as cannabis oil. However, what this Rick Simpson Oil is all about. In case, you need to learn about it you need to go through rest of the blog.

What Is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) can be defined as a concentrated form of cannabis oil which contains CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids in them. The oil was developed by Rick Simpson and he opined that several of his health problems got cured using this oil.

How The Oil Came Into Use?

In order to understand how the benefits of rso oil were discovered, one needs to go back few years. Basically, Rick Simpson bumped on medical cannabis just by accident. In the 1970’s, Canadian Rick Simpson met with an accident in the hospital boiler room. He basically suffered from a nervous system shock that made him collapse. Even after recovering he felt dizzy spells. Even medications were not able to cure him properly and his symptoms became worse.

After seeing a documentary, he started using medical marijuana for treating his tinnitus and dizzy spells. He also turned to cannabis in order to treat his skin cancer or lesions. He soon found that his cancer got fully cured when he started to apply concentrated cannabis oil topically. Even though medical practitioner refused to belief the miraculous power of cannabis, Simpson became a strong proponent of the curative power of medicinal marijuana.

Rick Simpson soon started cultivating medical cannabis and came up with his customized form of rso oil i.e. a concentrated form of cannabis. Unlike the medical marijuana that usually contains a high amount of cannabidiol and low amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, Rick Simpson Oil features just the opposite.

One thing which must be kept in mind is that if Cannabis Indica strain is used for Rick Simpson Oil, it can have stronger impact on physical ailments. On the other hand if Sativa strains are used for making the Rick Simpson Oil, then it can be used for treating any kind of mental illness.

How Rick Simpson Oil Helps?

As the rso oil comes with a lot of cannabinoids like CBD, THC in them, it can also help in treating cancer. The psychoactive compounds of the cannabinoids can help in inhibiting the growth of the cancer cells. Basically, the process of apoptosis blocks the pathway of energy of cancer cells. This leads to the death of cancer cells.

Rick Simpson Oil is extracted from highly concentrated cannabis plants, especially the female cannabis plant. In fact, one can make the rso oil on their own and use it for treating various kinds of ailments.

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